Welcome to Olifants West Nature Reserve

Part of the Balule Nature Reserve, this privately-owned reserve is in South Africa’s Lowveld, one of the country’s premier wildlife regions. It is open to the Greater Kruger area and has an innovative approach to conservation management, research and development.

Greater Kruger Checklists

The Olifants West region of the Balule Nature Reserve provides a variety of habitats that allow around 90 mammal and more than 400 bird species to frequent the area. Download and print out our checklists of the creatures of the Greater Kruger Park to help you keep a record of your sightings.

Warden's Reports

The Warden oversees all management and conservation programmes in the Olifants West region of Balule Nature Reserve. Summaries of his reports give you an idea of the work that he and his team carry out in such areas as field research, infrastructure management, anti-poaching initiatives and alien plant eradication.